Kat [to fan]: Hey, you know what I’m gonna do?



The cutest thing I’ve seen on an enrique tour.

”Shakira taught me how to belly dance, she taught me the whole routine. I used to watch her videos and I thought she was so cool. When she was teaching me the moves I thought, ‘This is crazy, Shakira is showing me how to belly dance! I got the best teacher’. We didn’t have a lot of time to come up with the choreography - most of it was done on the spot. I was just watching her and learning from her. It was so much fun, the best energy. She was really easy to work with, so sweet and humble.” - Beyoncé


Shakira’s cute moments in The Voice (part II)

Beautiful, talented, go-getter, loyal, gypsy. —Vanessa Hudgens when a fan asked her 5 words to describe Selena Gomez (x)

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